Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Ahh, we are home from Nana's. There were quite some interesting storms to drive home through tonight. It was pretty cool because at first, we were at the southern edge of the storm, driving into yet around it. It was travelling east-southeast though, so eventually, we got the downpour. Then, we got ahead of the hook of the storm, and we just drove along side it the rest of the way home. It was so cool. I actually had my camera in the car from this weekend with a few shots left on it, so I took a few pictures out the window of the car. I can't wait to see how they turned out. The contrast in the sky was so amazing.

We beat the storms back to Champaign, but they came all the way here and brushed the north part of the county. The sirens even went off once, but I don't think there was actually a tornado in town. I kept flipping from the one local TV station to the other, and neither of them had cut to the weather news. I kept saying, "Where are they? Why haven't they switched to the warning if there's a tornado?" Jack has been a bit worried by the idea of tornados since there have been some pretty bad ones in the news lately. He got a blanket and pillow and got in the tub. It was cute, but he didn't have much to worry about. Still, I am glad he was calm and willing to do that. He will know what to do if it's ever real.

I forgot to go get the movie tickets I won from the radio station last week. I hope if I go tomorrow I can still get them. I want to use them to take Jack to see "Finding Nemo." That doesn't come out for another 2 weeks, but the only other thing I want to see is "The Matrix: Reloaded." You can't use passes for that, and it's not like I would be taking Jack with me, lol. In the next few weeks, I want to get to a Common Rotation show, work on the house some more, study for my MCAD tests, get Jack ready for kindergarten some more (physical appointment, etc), and general work stuff. I also mentioned to Aimée that we might come out there the first week of June. I need to look over my Calendar. It would be nice to take a long break around June. We could visit Aimée, Craig, and Ethan and then head down to Florida for Rose's graduation. It seems like there is something in the way though. I want to say I have another class coming up.

Okay - got some things done on, caught up on email, and now it is time for bed. I wish I had something to read. Bah. I've finished all the books I have in the house. : (

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