Friday, April 25, 2003

Yay! My second .NET class is officially over. I can say I learned a lot more from this one than the first. The first class was a great intro, but it gave you the code right in your book. That made it too easy. This time around, you really had to work on it. Interpret the Microsoft speak, and then figure out the code. Hopefully, now I can go back to work and find a project to apply this too. Something simple to start off with before I tackle the big one waiting for me - our intranet. Scary.

Jack and I spent the week at Nana's house. That was nice. Jack did very well; took a trip to the store and the salon with Nana; didn't get too bored with the yucky weather and being stuck inside; wasn't trouble at bedtime and generally wasn't up before the sun. My classes were pretty tiring, so it was nice to come home, have a dinner with family all ready, and then relax for the rest of the evening.

Sadly, I was probably too excited when I found out that SciFi shows Roswell at 5pm every night. ; ) What can I say? I just loved that show. Oh, and the other neat thing this week was that an employee at the company I was at was also a big Buffy/Angel fan. He even watched Firefly and Miracles before the networks destroyed them. He said Buffy is the only show that his wife will watch with him, so it was obvious that he was the original fan of the Jossverse. That was just too cool. We got to have a couple of fast discussions on things, similar to the scene with Fred and Willow on Angel a few weeks ago. Geeks bonding, lol.

We got back home tonight a bit before 9pm. The cats were fine, excited to see us. They didn't destroy the house which is always a good thing. We got settled in, and now I am just trying to get a few things done before bed. I wasn't able to connect to my work email properly all week, so I need to check on that at least. : )

Thanks to all of my family and friends who sent me birthday wishes. I received my cards/packages at home safe and sound. It wasn't as exciting of a birthday as last year, but that's okay. I'll just say I celebrated early with the NYC show. Maybe I will celebrate late too with another trip. A friend at work celebrates the number of days before and after her birthday of the age she is turning. So, 26 days after April 22 would be May 18. 26 days before was March 27. Eh, so I was off a few days. That's okay. I'll be off a few days for the after celebration too. I have a feeling I am going to take a trip to Georgia. Which is odd. I don't think I have ever intentionally visited that state. At least, nothing more than driving through it on my way somewhere else. ; )

Time to get back to those little things ...

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