Thursday, April 03, 2003

Yay! My bike is all tuned up, and I can ride to work again! I took Jack to school this morning, then left the car there and kept on to work with my bike. It was a bit breezy at times, but still felt nice to finally be riding again. We have play rehearsal tonight though. Next week is the first training class, and it's from 8-5 on the dot. I guess that means my biking days will be short for now. I don't want to be dropping Jack off at 7:30am and picking him up at 5:30pm. Ick.

That cold spell killed about 1/2 of one of my plants in the front. It was the biggest plant, so I guess that's why it got the worst of it. We may stop home tonight before play rehearsal, and I can try to take a look at it to see if there is anything I can do to bring it back a bit. I really hate driving all over town though. With all the trips to Rantoul for rehearsal, we are filling the tank more and more. The good thing though is that gas is down a little bit more today. It's all of $1.39/gal here now. Hard to believe it was up to $1.75/gal. Just cross my fingers that it doesn't go back up. : )

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