Thursday, April 17, 2003

Okay - the letter arrived yesterday. Jack will be attending Stratton. I hope this is a good thing. The school has had some problems, but I am sure they all do. Some people think that getting their kids into the newest school, in the "better" part of town is the best idea, but I tend to disagree. I grew up in a town where 5 grade schools went into the high school, and we were all classified by our peers if not the faculty. And those kids who came from the "better" part of town or the "better" families were just as big of jerks as any other kid. If anything, I'd have to say they were worse because they were aware of their supposed position in our little society.

Anyway, so, time to start checking out the school a little bit more, see how the teachers are (they were supposedly hiring all new staff), and investigate the pilot program they are planning on starting this year for the kindergarten classes. I can't wait to get involved. : )

Tonight we have play rehearsal. It the first time we will run through the full show in one night. Ack, this could be a painfully long night. We will miss next week's rehearsals because of my class out of town, and then when we come back it is the week of dress rehearsals, and then the play. Yay!

Oh! I won tickets to the spring sports festival this weekend. It actually starts today with a women's tennis match. There is also baseball, softball, football, and other things. The tennis match is at 3:30 though, so I have to decide if I can leave early and go get Jack to go to it. Hmm. Better get some work done then.

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