Sunday, April 27, 2003

I am going to be one sore puppy in the AM. I spent pretty much all day (from 9am until 4pm) in my yard. I was digging up this root system for wild mulberry (or something) bushes that are just a plague around our neighborhood. I was using a hand tool for most of it, and once I get started, it's hard for me to give up, so I had about 8 feet by 3 feet of my "yard" totally dug up following this huge root (that turned out to have a couple of branches too). Basically, this is behind my house, right up against the house where no grass ever grew, so it was no big deal to dig it all up, I just wanted those darn bush things gone! Eventually, I broke out the spade/shovel of Mom's that I still have and used that too. My neighbors probably thought I was nuts, lol.

Then, I hung a load of laundry, did the dishes, dug up some more of those bushes along the side of the house, mowed the front lawn, got out the lawn furniture from the garage and hosed it down, replace the gutter things with new ones that will hopefully drain water away from the house better than the old accordian plastic ones that were there from when we moved in, and of course fed Jack meals, went to the store, took the laundry back down, etc.

Now, the very dirty boy (who helped me a bit, because he loves to dig of course) is in the tub. Dinner is done. We have big plans for the Disney movie tonight, Harry Potter at bedtime, then rest. It's Monday tomorrow. Yuck. ; )

Also, he got his card from Nana Nita today, opened and read it by himself. He was very excited to get some mail, and counter the money himself. He chose to spend it on cards at the store for Mother's Day since that's where we were headed at the time. We also had our share of wildlife viewage today. A man was walking his beagle (basset?), which scare one of the bunnies, a neighborhood cat was visiting our cats at the front window and watched us for a while, and Jack kept me posted whenever he saw the cardinals or other neat birds. It's been a beautiful day. All the way up to 70. : )

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