Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Yuck. I am home sick today. I felt awful this morning, and as typical for a winter cold, as the day goes by I feel deceptively better. The weather really took a turn for the worse too. It was very windy this morning, and it sounded like there was icy rain beating against the windows. I kept Jack home because he has a cough too, and I just did not feel like going out in that weather to take him to school. If I go out for that, I may as well go to work too. And they hate when you bring germs to the office, well, knowingly bring them at least. ; )

Not that I am sitting here not doing work. Once I checked my email, I found 3 requests that hadn't been done, and one project that needed resolved. I got all those taken care of. Makes me feel like I should've just gone in for the day. Oh well. Time to go do some other things I guess. We might go by one of the Kmarts in town later that is closing. I forgot all about it, but we might be able to find some things for Jack's birthday party, Ethan, or other things.

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