Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Yay for downloads! I was able to download a fairly small version of the new Buffy episode and watch it last night. : ) We had play rehearsal to practice the intro/dance scene for all the characters (except mine since I don't come in til the very end). The kids did a great job considering their ages range from 3 to 14 or so. The youngest is a little diva too. It was all very silly, but they ran through it about 5 times over the hour or so that we had, and by the end it was working pretty well. Unfortunately, they introduced the backstage door to the kids so that they could go backstage instead of crowding the sides after they were done, and Jack decided to get hurt. It never fails, lol. He just *had* to run back there, slipped, fell, hurt his tush. He's just lucky it wasn't his head. *sigh*

We got home a little before nine, and he was very tired. I keep encouraging him to take naps, but no luck so far. We are only going to be having more and more rehearsals and late nights, so I hope he decides he likes naps again soon.

Shelly was on IM when we got home, ready to talk Buffy, lol, but I had to put her in pain by making her wait til I watched the download. It was so good! Even at half-quality it was worth it. I can't believe there are only 5 episodes left now. Then it's over. Big time over. It's like Roswell all over again. ; )

I added the pictures from the digital camera to Jack's page just now. There are only a handful, but you get to see the food, gifts, Jack, etc. He really did have a great time. Uncle Frank's package came in the mail on Monday, and Grandma Joyce's arrived yesterday. Jack just loves getting mail, so it was a special treat for him to check the mail and see there was some for him. He loves the book and trucks. He also got an educational space toy from Aunt Trudy made by Scholastic. The funny thing - it has an error. It tells you that Jupiter has 16 moons, but Jack counted the moons on the illustration, and there are 17! *lol* He's such a smartypants. The galloping pony is still a favorite, as are the Jack Stone Legos of course. We've already read his new books (Thanks Bev!), and he likes to walk around in his art backpack and hat (Thanks Aimée & Craig!) even though the hat is a little small. He is on a school kick because I gave him my gown and cap for my graduation ceremony to play dress-up with. He likes to play "college." : )

Today is normally show-and-tell day for him, but he doesn't get to take anything. He told me he wasn't listening yesterday, so his teacher said he doesn't get to participate. So, we talked about consequences and things again. He knows when he does things wrong, because more often than not, he confesses or brings up the subject to me. I don't have to pry too much to find out how his day went and if anything bad happened. Hopefully, that won't change anytime soon.

Work is work. There doesn't seem to be anything special going on right now. I have a small training session to give tomorrow. We have the first of the .NET classes in the second week of April. My own classes start close to the end of April. We will be spending that week in Peoria. Our Director's retirement party is that Friday though, so I may have to drive home and back again a couple of times. Ick. I'd hate to miss it though. They still haven't found a replacement for him. That is not good.

Time to get back to it ...

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