Monday, March 17, 2003

Wow, I can't believe I didn't post anything yesterday. We spent just about the entire time outside in the great weather. Jack got to play with the neighbors grandchildren, while I dug around in the smaller flowerbed. The person who owned the house before us just threw trash everywhere in the yard and elsewhere. He had also put plastic liners in the flowerbed, then dumped tons of rocks on top. I got rid of a lot of the rocks last year, some of the plastic, and added soil, but nothing could grow, except for weeds of course. So, I spent from about 10am until 4pm digging up the dirt and junk, tossing out rocks and garbage, relaying the border bricks along the border, etc. Jack was a big helper too. : ) We must've filled up his bucket about 30 times and taken the rocks to the end of the driveway to dump them out.

I thought this week was a new Buffy, but apparently it isn't. That's a good thing. We have play rehearsal tomorrow night, and I wasn't looking forward to missing the new episode, or waiting for it to download. The show is ending! It's important to catch the last 5 episodes, ever! *lol*

Oh, Happy St. Patrick's Day too. Jack was supposed to wear green to school today, and the green turtleneck wasn't good enough. He had to wear his green sweats too, lol, so he is just a big green fuzzy boy today. I hope he doesn't get too hot though because it's supposed to be upper 60s again today (Yay!). I spent my lunch outside, which was nice. No big emergencies so far today at work, and that is good. Oops, just remembered one more thing I needed to do this morning. Call Lisa. : )

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