Saturday, March 01, 2003

Well, supposedly they will send out an email to those people they want to accept a role in the play sometime tomorrow or Monday. That is cool. They were actually looking for a couple of adults for roles as well, so I went ahead and read for the part of the mother, which hadn't been written yet (I had to read the Grandmother's lines, lol). This should be fun, and hopefully Jack won't be too disappointed if he isn't picked. The director might not have been too impressed with his concentration. But, they had him up on a stage with a full set for the "Glass Menagerie," their current play. He couldn't help but gaze around. I tried to remind him on our way there about looking at the person while he was talking, but oh well. I told him that if he isn't picked, we can always try for the next play. He seemed okay with that. It was something new.

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