Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Well, for a second there I thought it was Thursday already. Today is only Wednesday, phew! I had to pick up Jack from day care yesterday because he was just miserable. Luckily, he wasn't running a fever. We went home and took a good long nap. Today, he seems pretty good, even though we are both technically still sick, so he went back to school. Wednesday is his show and tell day, and he took a Bob the Builder book since they are talking about machines. I wonder if his teachers actually give him the time to read it to his friends or not. I swear they can really underestimate the kids sometimes.

No meetings today which is nice. The weather is up to a sweltering 50 degrees today, which is even better! I went for my lunch run outside, in shorts no less. Even though I am sick, that felt good. Pretty soon, all you will see here is me complaining that it is too hot, lol.

Our play rehearsal the other night went okay. Jack wasn't feeling great, so he was a bit fidgety. It was so funny because the little boy before his lines, would say "This is the perfect spot." and instead of saying his lines, Jack would say "Thanks." and then start his lines, lol. There was a part where the director wanted the little kids to pretend to fidget too. Pretend? It is not going to be a stretch. I can't believe all the work it is going to take to get this play together. So many kids, and so many lines. There will be kisses (and giggles) and cake (with food fights), so it should be very interesting.

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