Monday, March 31, 2003

The weather is cruel. All day yesterday it was cold and windy. It dropped back down to the 20s. I think our high yesterday was somewhere in the 40s and maybe a bit lower with the windchill. Today is supposed to be better. It will get into the upper 50s, whoo. By tomorrow though, it is supposed to be back to the 70s. Thank goodness for that. It's April tomorrow, it should be a bit warmer, lol.

Today has been a fun day of catching up on tasks so far. Thank you notes, bills, college savings plans (lol), the list goes on. I need to get to some javascript that has been bothering me. I still want to find a vacation to take too, but I haven't had the patience to really dig into it. I tried a few times over the weekend, but I just wasn't excited about it. Probably because I am so bogged down with my schedule.

Speaking of which, we have the first class of training next week, and rehearsal tomorrow night. I think from now on, we will be having rehearsal twice a week at least. We will miss the week of my birthday because we will be in Peoria, but apparently that's okay. The next week after that is the dress rehearsals, then opening. It feels like it is tomorrow. : ) See? April is already over for me before it even starts. Might as well get started on May. ; )

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