Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Tuesday is definitely looking better than Monday. I don't know why, but yesterday just sucked.

I posted an article I really like on the main page of the site today. It appeared in the Daily Illini a while back in the Opinions pages. It's from a writer in Texas of all places. I was just amazed to see in print the things I think on a daily basis. It was so cool. I need to remember to send her a note. She rocks.

Jack and I got some more plants yesterday for the bigger flowerbed. I couldn't believe how many rocks and roots are over there. I dug and pulled, but I had to just be satisfied with its current state. The plants from last year are started to come up, and I am afraid I will destroy them if I keep at it. So, from here on out, it's weeding the stuff out that I don't want and hoping that the new plants survive. I also dug up the peony plants at the corner of the house. I really, really dislike those. Just like shrimp. Mom would understand. For some reason those are two things that I really dislike after living on Loren. But then again, it could also be due to the ants they attract and the fact that I am just not a seafood person. ; )

Mike's site is still coming along. Lael and I are trying to get the finishing touches up there. And guess what, I think I am already tired of the current design! *lol* Oh well. Hopefully that means I will be struck with some inspiration for the next one.

We have play rehearsal tonight. At least, we should. The schedule says "dance," and I believe that includes Jack because it is the entrance of the entire casts in the early scene. We will have rehearsal again on Thursday for his lines. This is the week we are supposed to be off book, and Jack has no problem with that. I need to make sure I will have no problems too. ; )

Ack, almost lost my post there. Need to see about getting the new Buffy since I won't be home to see it tonight - and no VCR. Maybe someday I will give in and buy one, but for now, I refuse to go backwards! *lol*

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