Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Today is Jack's birthday! Yay! He is now a big 5 years old. Hard to imagine I am sure. : )

The day started off great. We gave the Grandmas calls, talk or left voicemails, and I sang him a silly rendition of "Happy Birthday," which you know he enjoyed. The silly is often better than the normal. : ) I didn't have any muffins, so I grabbed 5 marshmellows (from his cake ingredients for this weekend's party), put them in his cereal bowl surrounded by his cheerios, stuck in a candle in each, lit them, and he blew them out with one try! He even got to have one along with his usual breakfast of cereal and a breakfast bar. I figured the teachers would like it if I sent him to school on a breakfast of 5 marshmellows. The rest are safely tucked away in a ziplock so he can enjoy them at a later time. What fun is celebrating your birthday if you don't do it all day long ... or, for multiple days? : )

I got his clothes ready this morning, red sweats, and plain Hanes t-shirt. I decided he needed to wear a birthday shirt today. So, I grabbed his markers, put a book inside the shirt, and began doodling. I added a big 5 in the center, a smiley face, and star. Then, I handed the reins over to Jack so he could make the rest of the designs while I got ready for the day. He was very excited at this point.

We ran to the store on the way to school and picked up some treats for his class. We decided on these cookie face sandwiches from the bakery. They are really cute, made of two small chocolate chip cookies, with frosting in the middle, tilted to look like a mouth, two eyes on top out of frosting, and sugar confetti sprinkled all over. His friends were so cute when we got there. They were all saying "It's your birthday?!" - "Happy birthday Jack!" They just couldn't believe it, lol.

I also grabbed some strawberries, oranges, and bananas for the teachers and staff. I got them a card and wrote them a note. Jack has been at this same day care since he was 5 months old, and I wanted them to know how much I appreciated them all. Parenting may be a tough job, but teachers are the second wave, trying to model for our kids and help them be better people. I try to remember that and say thanks once in a while. I can't believe Jack will be "graduating" and saying goodbye in just 5 months to go to kindergarten.

Tonight, we have play practice, but I think we will go by Chevy's for an early dinner. Last year, Gma Rose was able to go with us and witness Jack's awe at the dessert and sombrero you get there when it's your birthday. I'd love to make it a tradition, at least until he tells me it's embarrassing, so we will be going there tonight before play practice. ; )

His party is this Saturday. We will be having a penguin/winter/ice/water theme this year. So far, I have planned an igloo cake, blue/white snacks, igloo building, penguin coloring, penguin mask making, bubbles, and goodies for the kids to take home like bath fizzies, stickers, and capsule animals (they expand when placed in hot water). Hopefully the nice weather will stick around so we can even do some of the party outside.

Well, that quick note turned into a long ramble pretty quickly, lol. Hope you are having a good week so far!

Happy Tuesday, Happy "day-after" St. Patrick's Day, and (most importantly) Happy Jack's Birthday Day! : ))

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