Wednesday, March 05, 2003

So Jack and I attended the first rehearsal for the play tonight. It's called "Aurora: The Sleeping Beauty." We basically got our scripts, the rehearsal timeline, and read through the whole thing. Jack will be playing the role of Servant 2, and I am Mother. Poor thing, his two lines are at the very beginning practically, and my scene is the very last page, so he had to sit (relatively) still and stay (relatively) quiet for about 1.5 hours. And, it was way past his usual bedtime. I have a feeling he might take a nap or two this week since this means he will be up later than usual.

It appears my crisis with the MCAD classes and the play can be diverted though, so I am glad. The first class I have to take is the second week the play is open, so the only thing is I have to be back in time for the show on Friday. My hope is that I can ask the guy in Chicago to push that class back one more week. That way, there would be no conflicts at all.

Shannon's baby shower is this weekend. I think we will be heading up to Peoria to visit family and do that. Hopefully the weather will be nice. Today was half-decent. Mid-40s I think for the most part. Further north though, they were supposed to get up to 12" of snow. Yuck. Down in Carbondale, it's still over 50. That must be nice.

Now, what is left on my "To Do" list: Shannon's gift, play rehearsals, Jack's birthday party (invites, presents, gift bags, food, cake, drinks, decorations, activities), New York trip (because Chicago is now out due to the play; not too disappointed about that), MCAD classes here and there, my birthday, Easter, the actual play, Mother's Day, Aimée's birthday, Rose's graduation (yay Rose!). That will take me to the beginning of June. Then I just get to add a bunch more stuff.

* Don't forget the house, the car, the cats, the laundry, the day care, the kindergarten, the fitness center, the piano lessons, WORK, Buddha's web site, a *social life* (yeah right! I crack myself up sometimes), SLEEP, downtime, Jack time, mommy time ........

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