Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Rehearsal last night went really well. It was rather painless despite a couple of boys being just a little bit too goofy. Turns out they are brothers, so that explains a lot. : ) We even finished before 8:30, so that was nice. We had a few family calls on the way home and later for Jack's birthday. He had a message from Aunt Aimée, Uncle Craig, and Ethan on the machine at home. He had a post waiting from Aunt Trudy, and maybe even an ecard in his Inbox, but we didn't have the computer on last night, so he will see them today. He even was serendaded on voicemail, lol! Lucky guy. He had a great day.

We did do Chevy's before rehearsal. Jack wore his crown in from school. They made him this really neat hat that had 5s along the top wear the points of a crown would normally be, Of course, there were five 5s. He handed it over when it came time for the sombrero naturally.

This morning I thought maybe I missed the war starting because I don't watch the news very often, and the radio station I happened upon was taking calls from people to talk about the "situation." Apparently, we have 300,000 troops moving into position to invade Iraq, and they are backed up by fighter helicopters I think they said. I don't know if I just don't understand it all, or what, but it seems like we are just asking for trouble. No other countries are really supporting this, the terror level has been brought up, and one of the advisor even said that these actions will likely encourage a terrorist attack. There are pictures of troops guarding areas, police checking cars, etc in the media, and I can't help but think that in the end, they won't be enough. Someone who wants to pull off a plan will get around them, somehow. There is just no way in my mind that we can cover every inch, every person in our country to protect it. Hopefully I will be proven wrong.

Well, that was depressing. Must be the grey, rainy day we are having. I need to go have my lunch.

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