Sunday, March 02, 2003

Okay, tired. Done now. I was tempted to do my animal page first, but it's just too darn late. And I thought of all that code I would have to finesse. Meh. No thanks. With that, I bid you goodnight to the sound of "Princess of Venice" by Common Rotation. I highly recommend checking them out. Their 2nd cd is now out, and the NYC cd release show is April 12th at the Bitter End. Not to mention, that Rainbow Trout will be playing a midnight show that same night so that they don't overlap. Jordan Katz from RT plays with CR sometimes when they are in NYC. That should be a great night of music. If I can get there, I will. I have friends from CA trying to get there. If that doesn't convince you to at least give them a listen, I don't know what would. Cher? Celine? Think of the alternatives people. It's like lima beans or kidney beans .. wait... it's ... bed or code. There you go!

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