Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Okay, new Angel tonight. Faith returns. Good lines: Wes "5x5", Faith " Like riding a biker" --- BAD ending! I knew they were going to do that as soon as Cordy sat Connor down to "tell" him something. I looked at the clock (8:55pm), and thought "Don't end the episode with that!" Argh!

What's with Faith's accent? Hmm, cool preview. We all guessed that evilCordy was the Beasts master. Too bad he had to go this episode. I thought the phone call to Dawn was hilarious! I wonder if they will keep that consistency over on Buffy or if it will turn into another dead horse for people to kick around the Beta. *eye roll* Okay, I am sickly still, so I am heading to bed. No late night html work for me tonight.

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