Saturday, March 29, 2003

Okay - nap time on a Saturday. The question is: to nap or not to nap - will he or won't he? We went to Savoy for the free kid's matinee; it was Ice Age. Cute movie. Even cuter is when Jack laughs without realizing how freely he is laughing. I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing that.

His cheeks were so red (from being tired) by the time we left though, that I decided we would come home and try for naps. He probably won't sleep though. I don't know how he does it. He's tired, he's in a bed - for 2 hours - and doesn't fall asleep. Just wait til he hits high school and college. I guess the love of sleep doesn't kick in until then. I've always had it though. ; )

Yesterday was a very dull day I guess. I got to work, and I was the only one there. I guess everyone else decided they were on spring break too. It was very quiet. The upside, I got to listen to my music without headphones. Yay!

Oops, I need to go see who is at the Barge. That's where a lot of my UPN linear buds went after UPN pulled the messageboard off of their site for Buffy. I haven't been there since then because of life in general, but with the show ending, I want to make sure we stay in touch. UPN Bronzers rock my socks! ; ) Tutus, tiars, masseus, bartenders, the gutter couch, the potted plant by the back room door, the computer desk, Bob Barker the coffee table - all good times. : )