Friday, March 14, 2003

Okay - I found a bug in the guestbook, but it is minor, so after wasting last night trying to fix it, I just might leave it be for now. Bigger things, remind myself of that. TGIF. : ) I had some weird dreams last night. Mostly this morning as I kept waking up, then falling back to sleep. They left me with that "I'm running late for everything! Argh." feeling. I hate that.

Jack slept in, so I started to get ready for the day. Of course, I knew this would be a bad decision, as when Jack knocked on the bathroom door, I opened it and was greeted with a grumpy - "You didn't get me cereal!" *lol* He got into the habit of me placing a bowl of cereal and glass of milk in the fridge for him to get out if I was up earlier than him, and I hadn't done that this morning. But, I kept my cool and told him that it wasn't a very nice greeting for the morning, and that if he wanted to help make it better, he could go grab new clothes from the dryer. Of course, this led to a knock 1 minute later with a cry that he could only find 2 socks and they don't match. Woe is me! *lol* "Look on top of the dryer, honey. There are socks already matched up."

Of course, when I went to my room to get clothes, Jack trailed me to apologize for throwing a fit - it was because he'd had a bad dream according to him. Something about Zurg from Toy Story. Yeahhh. Uh-huh. ; )

You know, there isn't much cuter than watching your little guy taking out the recycling. I take out the garbage, and he will take the little bags of recycling out. Squinting from the sun in his eyes. Too cute. Then, yelling down the street to talk to our neighbor walking his dog. Still cute.

This cold has almost let go of us.