Saturday, March 15, 2003

Okay, home again. Had a nice lunch with Amy at Chevy's ... love that place. There were a couple of birthdays going on too, so I need to remember to take Jack, only we have play rehearsal on Tuesday night. Bad. New Buffy and Jack's actual birthday. Hm.

We went to the store, again, and got a few more things. The bubble machine works fine with regular bubbles, so I got an extra big jug. We still didn't find any rock candy or clear sugar, but we did get the marshmellows, one more present, and cereal to make rice krispies. I am going to use the extra marshmellows for that, then use blue food coloring or the blue sprinkles to make them have some blue too. Blue and white foods are the thing. I am thinking apples might work well too, peeled and cut, then soaked in a blue sugar water? We'll see. I would like to have something that isn't pure sugar to offer. We hadn't thought about ice cream yet, and I am thinking we will just skip it. Of course, I say that now.

Kitchen is just about done. I can't keep Thyme from jumping up on everything. She has already been on top of the baker's rack. From the floor to the ceiling. She is an odd cat. Time to finish up the table (floor is all mopped and drying) so that I can get dinner on the table. Need to clean the stove and counters too. Uck.

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