Saturday, March 15, 2003

I've been bitten by the cleaning bug, lol. So far today, in an effort to get ready for Jack's birthday party next weekend, I have done: 2 loads of laundry (one more to go probably, rugs and all), swept and mopped the laundry room and kitchen (bathroom to go), gotten rid of the 2 end tables in the livingroom that I don't like, gotten rid of the old microwave that is big, heavy, and loud (need to buy a small, quiet, new one now, lol), started the dishes, cleaned off and moved (then moved back) my baker's rack thing, moved the table around, and got together more things to donate. And, we are listening to oldies rock this whole time, lol. Great cleaning music, had a block of classic Aerosmith. Lovin' it.

Still to do, which Jack doesn't want to do since it means going to the store again, lol, is ... go to the store. We need marshmellows and some snack cake things for his cake, and rock candy. I need that microwave eventually. I am thinking of moving the white shelves from the livingroom to the laundry room since they are just those plastic ones, and I hate all the furniture taking up space in our livingroom. Pretty soon, all we will have left is the shoe rack, the 2 book shelves, the rocking chair, and the small coffeetable. Good enough for me, we are never home anyway, and it leaves more room for dancing and playing. Jack was playing hockey in tehre earlier because he has a Little Tykes hockey net thing leaned up against one wall (no room in his room for it). I was going to get these wooden shelves last night, but I wasn't sure if I would like them once I got them home, so I didn't. Plus, the ends were open, so I wouldn't be able to use them for books or photo albums which is what I have the most of.

Our other tasks today are to get the presents wrapped and make the gift bags for the kids. My friend Amy (Chief! :p) is coming down from Chicago for the weekend. Engineering Open House is this weekend, but it is overcast today, and it only goes until 3pm. We may still get out there yet. It's only 12 now, and Amy thinks she will be here around 1pm. I need to feed Jack, lol, one peanut butter and jelly is not enough to tide him over. That's no big surprise. ; )

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