Sunday, March 09, 2003

Ick. I am still sick! We went to Peoria this weekend, which was nice. We had a little bit of time to visit with my Gma (Nana) and Aunt Amy. My mom and I went to see "Bring Down the House" which was surprisely offensive and politically incorrect. I think they were trying to go for "this isn't PC and that's why we are making fun of it" but tell that to the people I saw leave the theater. : \ We had a baby shower to attend today, and that was nice. There was a beautiful cat at the house. Male, long-haired, grey siamese with the bluest crystal eyes ever. So very friendly. The mom-to-be (twice now) got some really cute things. They already have a little girl who is 2.5, and they are expecting a little boy, so their little family will be completed nicely. : ) Of course, that doesn't mean they will stop at two. ; )

Jack and I have play rehearsal tomorrow. I really wish we were both not sick by then, but I don't know if it will happen. Right now it is time to curl up under the covers and read, then sleep. : )