Saturday, March 22, 2003

I am so tired! The party was fun. Shaila's mom called to say she would be here, but she was the only friend that came. That's okay though because Jack and Shaila have so much fun and energy together that I don't know if the poor house could've handled more kids! *lol*

Everyone liked the cake, even though preparing it was something of a disaster. I baked it in a round bowl since it was supposed to be an igloo, but I don't think I let it cool long enough, or maybe I was supposed to turn it upside down sooner or something because when I went to get it out of the bowl, it fell in half! I could still use it, but icing was not working too great - chunks of cake kept falling off with the icing. Thankfully, the marshmellows served to cover up the mess that was the structure of the cake, and it actually looked okay. I made rice krispie treats with coconut and blue sprinkles on top. I also had added some coconut to the white cake, and that made it taste really good. The blue koolaid was a hit with the kids, and Jack had a blue moustache the whole time, and Shaila had a blue tongue, hehe.

The kids played back and forth betweem the livingroom and his room. The adults had some conversation and listened to "The Big Fear." During Prime Time, I had Jack come in to dance with me. They were so silly. Oh, and the tent as the igloo was a big hit. We had spread the blue easter grass everywhere, and I put about 10 balloons in the tent too - which immediately came out. ; )

The mailman came, and at first we thought he didn't have any packages (most hadn't arrived yet), but then he stopped the truck and Jack went running out to get the box, lol. It was too cute.

The penguin masks were funny, and Jack even showed us his waddle. I made him a baton out of one of the wrapping paper tubes, with stickers all over it and easter grass sticking out of one end. Oh! And, the bubble machine was on the front porch sending bubbles through the nieghborhood. The weather did stay dry, but it was very breezy, so we stayed inside.

Man, I am yawning here. : ) I guess I'd better get back to cleaning before I get too tired and skip it for the night. Will get those pictures up soon.

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