Thursday, March 27, 2003

Ah well, the web site went live last night. So far, the reception from the crowd at the Common Ro board has been pretty positive. We'll see where it goes from here.

Just got done with training someone, which I had given an hour timeslot for, and I am back in 30 minutes. That's always nice, when things go smoothly.

Jack was in a pretty good mood this morning. He got to have a paper towel roll for crafts, so it doesn't get much better than that. ; ) We also had two toilet paper rolls empty, so he was able to make some binoculars again. The other pair he brought home from school last week, he had forgotten at the family information center when we went to register him for kindergarten.

Speaking of kindergarten, I was comparing notes with my friend Lisa last night because her son Drew is already in kindergarten this year. She made it sound like one of the schools I chose may not be the best idea, but I am hoping for the best. It has had some troubles before, and test scores are low (but all the schools seem to go down in their scores according to the school reports), but they are piloting a gifted program starting in kindergarten this coming year, and I would like for Jack to have that as early as possible. That school was our second choice, and our first choice was a school that emphasized music and arts, but it is one of the most requested schools, so we most likely won't get that one. The last choice is the school that offers foreign language. Maybe it is naive, but I am thinking that no matter which school Jack ends up at, as long as I am very involved, he will get the attention and challenges he needs. I don't plan on letting his education slip, regardless of what school he attends.

I really, really want to take a vacation. I feel so tied down because of the .NET classes and, less so, the play. I know I *can* fit a vacation in, but the task to plan it is daunting, so I just haven't sat down with my schedule yet. Maybe I will do that this afternoon. And, I want strawberries. What kind of evil grocery store has strawberries on sale for $1.38/lb but then has run out of them by 6pm?? Grr. Oh, and those dratted squirrels must've jumped on our new birdfeeder because the string it was hanging from broke, and I found the little plump critter chowing away at all the seed that spilled everywhere. Argh.

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